MKY teachers

Elanor Franklin

Elanor’s strong background in drama, music and creative dance steered her away from a career in science teaching, and back to her more creative side, teaching children’s yoga.

Elanor completed her university degree in Teaching at Monash University, with further studies completed at Mangala Yoga, Power House Yoga, Over The Moon Kids Yoga, and ongoing mentoring at Kumbada Yoga. With this unique background, Elanor brings a wealth of experience and a wonderfully creative and playful approach to teaching whilst integrating music and dance.

Alice Woodberry

Alice graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz/Contemporary Music and completed a Diploma of Education in Music. Alice has training in children’s yoga at Rainbow Kids Yoga and Mangala, and is currently completing a Masters degree in Art Therapy.

Alice just loves working with children and exudes an energy that is almost palpable. As an accomplished singer, Alice approaches her yoga teaching in an upbeat and musical way that engages the children and extends their yoga practice.

Bernadette de Sousa

Bernadette completed her university degree in Psychology and Philosophy at Monash University, and also brings a strong background in Dance. Bernadette’s personal love of yoga found her later training to be a Yoga teaching with The Yoga Social,  The Australian College of Classical Yoga and Creative Kids Yoga with Edna Reinhart.

Bernadette is passionate about sharing her yoga practice and experience, through asana classes for all bodies and incorporating pranayama (breath focus) and mindful relaxation.

Zoe Cooper

Zoe, a mum of two mini yogis, has been singing and dancing her way through life. 

In 2016 she graduated from a Health Science degree majoring in Psychology and Disability, which has since been used in a variety of occupations including yoga teaching, infant swim teaching and personal care assistant.  Additionally trained in children’s yoga and children’s yoga therapy, Zoe endeavours to make every class fun, educational and inclusive.  Building life long self esteem and connection to ‘self’ and others.