Incursions for Primary Schools

Throughout primary school, children are continuing to refine both gross and fine motor skills in addition to many social, emotional and intellectual developments. MKY classes are tailored to support these changes in a secure, non-competitive and fun way.

Yoga poses will improve their balance and agility whilst improving their strength, focus and concentration. Breathing and relaxation exercises will allow them to develop positive and simple strategies to deal with their emotions, slow themselves down and become more in tune with their physical bodies. Discussion during each class will promote reflection upon their thoughts and actions.

Classes can be tailored to support themes being discussed in class or introduce and explore new themes. Some examples are days of the week, space, recycling, food or different cultures.

Prices are based on session time and group size. Costing is structured to be inclusive of all planning and preparation time, maintenance and cleaning of all equipment, administration and insurance. A 15% discount is applicable when four or more classes are consecutively booked.

Session times guide;
45 mins best for classes prep-grade 2
60 mins best for classes grades 3-6

Please email MKY for a more detailed quote or to discuss our flexible class structure;

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