Incursions for Kindergartens and Childcare Centres

With motor skill development being such an important milestone for pre-school age children, MKY provides an alternative approach from the more traditional sporting options. Incorporating music, imaginative play and real life reflection the children learn to move their bodies into both traditional and non-traditional yoga poses. By doing these poses they will enjoy a wide variety of physical and mental benefits such as strength, flexibility, concentration and focus. At the end of each session the children will be guided through a mode of relaxation, this may be guided imagery, breathing exercises or self massage. Relaxation allows the children to learn strategies to deal with their emotions, slow themselves down and become in tune with their physical bodies.

Session times are dependent on the age group of the children. Each session can be themed to incorporate children’s current interests or support the program’s current focus. Some popular themes are australian animals, numbers, transport, mini beasts, colours and rainbows. MKY sessions are very flexible and can be tailored to meet your children’s needs.

Class sizes of 12 – 20 students are ideal although smaller or larger groups can be accommodated. All yoga mats and props are provided. Prices are based on session time and group size. Costing is structured to be inclusive of all planning and preparation time, maintenance and cleaning of all equipment, administration and insurance. A 15% discount is applicable when four or more classes are consecutively booked.

Session times guide;
30 mins best for 18mths to 3 years
45 mins best for 3 years to 5 years

Please email MKY for a more detailed quote or to disscuss our flexible class structure;

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